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Job opportunities

for talent

So you just finished your studies (or are about to) and are looking for a great first working experience? Or you are experienced and are looking for the next step in your career?


Great, we're all about your next career step! 

How Crossbridge can help...

We like to start from individual talents, instead of vacancies.

That's the reason why we teamed up with myCareerCompanion, an online career orientation platform.


When creating your myCareerCompanion account you'll get the choice to indicate if you are open for new job opportunities (which can always be switched off when wanted). If you do, our automatic matching algorithm will calculate your match with the job opportunities of our customers. Once a perfect match occurs, with the right company culture and job content for your profile, we will contact you. Or, you can always choose to leave your CV with us.

Discover myCareerCompanion

Find out which jobs and company cultures fit your competences and personality. The digital career orientation platform will help you in the entire job application journey from knowing what you want till landing your dream job.

Upload your CV

Based on your experience, expertise and personality, our consultants will keep an eye open for you for the perfect job at a company you'll absolutely love. We'll contact you when we have a match for you.

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