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At Crossbridge, we guide talent and final-year students in order to find them a great job at a company they feel right at home - yours. Our strategy goes beyond linking job descriptions and resumes; we focus on company culture and corporate values to find the right profiles. We help you to attract and retain the right talents to safeguard your business continuity. In other words, we’re your sustainable partner in HR!

"The Crossbridge team gave us exactly the young talent we were looking for. Our collaboration was a huge success."

Marie del Marmol Country Manager – Insight


Talent attraction

Our experienced consultants know where and how to find the right talent. Their expertise, combined with our digital partner myShortlist, gives us access to a large talent inflow of thousands of qualified graduates and professionals. Thanks to our innovative recruitment and procruitment services we can link these talents directly to the labor market.



You have a job opening and need the right talent for the job straight away? Our recruiters will find the perfect match - a talent with the right skills, qualities and job attitude fitting in your company culture.


And then there are those talents you aren’t specifically looking for right now but they’re such a great match it would be a shame to let them pass. That’s why we offer our procruitment service: an innovative and proactive way of continuous scouting for talents and introducing them to your company so you can sign them before your competitors do.


Company culture workshop

During a 2-hour workshop with management and selected employees of your company, we help you identify your current organizational culture and the change that is required to stay or become relevant in the future. More than anything, this is a management alignment exercise, which is crucial to build successful talent attraction and retention strategies and plans.



Employee career orientation tool

Sometimes, the right kind of talent is just around the corner, perhaps you already have it without really knowing it. Crossbridge can help you recognize the talent that is already present in your company and gauge the skills and ambitions of your current employees. Why? Because sometimes, all it takes is an internal job switch or slight change in job content to make everyone happy – employer and employees alike.


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