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Are you a university, faculty or business school? Do you have a strong academic reputation, but do you feel that your last-year students feel rather uncertain about the job market or don’t know at what company they would like to work or what job they would like to do? Do you feel that graduates quite often have tunnel vision and mainly consider jobs and working environments that follow ‘standard’ career paths? Do you want to help them think outside the box?

Crossbridge helps bridge the gap between the academic world and the job market for last-year students through online and offline
career orientation services


We know that  qualitative data and aggregated reporting are important in academia. Would you like to have a clear overview of the competences, interests and career drivers of your graduates? Are you lacking systematic online information to benchmark the above information and streamline your academic programs? With our online reporting tool, we are providing exactly that.


Our aggregated reporting tool offers you (anonymous) data as a valuable source of information about your students. 

career orientation services

The perfect combination of theory and practice, our interactive workshops are your students’ ticket to a successful job hunt. We are currently offering 6 modules, each focusing on a specific topic. During a workshop, we address one or two of these topics in great depth. 

You can also offer your students individual access to myShortlist, our online orientation platform.


In co-creation with the university of Leuven (KU Leuven), we developed an online orientation platform called myShortlist.
This cutting-edge career coaching tool helps youngsters identify their interests, strengths and values and suggests a specific career direction.

Using 5 specialized, interlinked tests tailored to graduates, myShortlist takes them on a path to self-discovery and provides a personalized overview of what jobs are best for them.
myShortlist also matches their personality with company cultures and ideal working environments.

On top of that, the platform offers digital coaching including examples and tips & tricks for building a personal brand (e.g. CV, LinkedIn, elevator pitch) and interviewing (e.g. phone interviews, assessments, face-to-face interviews, contract negotiations).


Aggregated reporting tool

Our aggregated reporting tool offers (anonymous) data on your graduates and is fully customizable (e.g. for specific groups of students, faculties, fields of study).


It provides insights into students’ competences (present and lacking), interests, and career drivers as well as their suggested dream jobs and types of companies that suit them.


It can help discover gaps and opportunities in your academic curricula as well as position your academic offerings in the market.


Are you interested in our aggregated reporting tool, do you want to organize our workshops for your students or offer them individual access to Shortlist? Get in touch with Raf!