We are Crossbridge, trusted advisor of unique talents and forward-thinking employers. Are you a final-year student or working professional looking for 'that perfect job' in a working environment that matches your personality? Or is your business looking for 'that perfect talent' that will help you to grow in both the short and long term? Then you have found your bridge!

Our mission?

Getting the two of you together.


By using innovative and groundbreaking HR tools and strategies, backed by science, and approved by hundreds of happy employers and employees. Strengthened by our unique procruitment service for companies, we can already work today on their hiring needs of tomorrow.

Our goal?

Facilitating sustainable professional relationships that benefit all parties involved.

Our guiding principles



Starting from the individual talent

We like to act as a salmon. Starting from individual talents, instead of vacancies. Everybody has unique talents, interests, ambitions and life goals. A job should reflect that. That's why before we do anything else, we first want to get to know the individual in an independent and “unbiased” way. Once we do, our challenge is to match his skills and personality with the company culture, vison and values of his future employer.


Focus on cultural fit

Every individual is unique and so is every company. Therefore we spend a lot of time analyzing the organizations we work for. So we really get to know them - not just their everyday activities but also their culture and vision of today and tomorrow. This is how we work. This is how we match.


Physical + Digital = Phygital

At Crossbridge, we take the best from both the digital and the physical world. We teamed up with myShortlist, a digital career orientation platform designed and scientifically validated to extensively orient talents in an objective way. Once the digital scan is complete, we invite the candidate over for a coffee and a chat. Now that's what we call 'phygital'!

"Crossbridge stands for authenticity and professionalism. They follow up closely, toward both candidates and clients." 

Mireille Coudron


Ready for the next step?

Employer or talent? You are just one click away from finding your perfect match.


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