Figs after easter

Figs after Easter don’t work anymore these days. Being proactive is crucial in all aspects of business – and is more than ever true in the ‘War for talent’.

Young talented people in sales, marketing, supply chain, IT and other specific areas get plenty of job offers before they even graduate.  Once they have their first working experience, it’s even harder to attract and retain them.

In order to help you win this war for talent and to attract successful ‘keepers’, we decided to bring our pro-cruitment services to the next level. We have the pleasure to announce two new Crossbridge services:

  • Campus pro-cruitment.  If you’re looking for ambitious youngsters to join your company as of this summer, you may need to act now. We have been coaching more than 1000 graduating students since September. The coming weeks, we will get back in touch with them. If you’re part of the program, we proactively position your company and screen for potential matches. Do you want to participate? Get in touch with Eva:, 0479 49 45 27.
  • Career relaunch. We celebrated our 5th anniversary last year, so quite some talented youngsters that have been coached by Crossbridge in the past have an outstanding first working experience. As a trusted advisor we know who these high potentials are and what they want. If you want to attract talented youngsters with a first working experience (1-4 years), you might want to use our career relaunch service. Marleen will be happy to provide you with more information: or 0495 64 38 28.


Are you ready to build your future? We are.