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We work today on your hiring needs of tomorrow. 

At Crossbridge, we guide talent in order to find them a great job at a company they feel right at home - yours. For our innovative and pro-active way of talent attraction, which we call procruitment, we teamed up with an online career orientation platform, myCareerCompanion. Thousands of highly educated professionals, looking for a new job, are using the platform to identify their ideal job and company culture. We match them – if appropriate- with your company in a fully automated way. As such, your talent pipeline will be permanently and proactively filled with company culture and job content matched candidates.

In other words, we can help you stay ahead in the war for talent. 

Way of working


Way of working

  • We start by getting to know your company culture by giving our Company Culture Workshop: a management alignment exercise.

  • On a regular base, quarterly or ad hoc when needed, we schedule a review meeting to discuss your job functions open for procruitment.

  • Activation of the continuous automated matching of your open job functions with the myCareerCompanion platform talent inflow.

  • Once a match occurs, one of our consultants invites the candidate over for an in depth personal conversation.

  • If the perfect match is confirmed by our consultant, the candidate report & cv will be shared.

  • Crossbridge remains the trusted advisor for both parties during your entire selection process.

  • Hiring. Congratulations with your new star employee!


The myCareerCompanion link

myCareerCompanion is an online career orientation platform for graduates and working professionals who want to make the most of their talents. As a real companion it guides you through your entire career path by offering independent, evidence-based career orientation and coaching modules. Furthermore, myCareerCompanion has a wide academic network thanks to their partnerships with universities, colleges and student unions.  


Each year, thousands of talents indicate on myCareerCompanion to be open for a new opportunity. Through our collaboration with myCareerCompanion, we are able to apply our automatic matching algoritm to this continuous talent inflow. This enables us to do what we love: building the bridge between talent and business. Our digital matching process allows sustainable and scientifically validated matching results. Because we firmly believe in a phygital approach, we like to combine these scientific results with a personal screening to confirm the match. As such, your talent pipeline will be permanently and proactively filled with candidates who are already have been matched with your company culture and job content!

The myCareerCompanion link
Our guiding principles
Our guiding principles.png


Our guiding principles

Our strategy goes beyond linking job descriptions and resumes; we focus on company culture and corporate values to match the right profiles. With our procuitment service we help you to attract and retain the right talents to safeguard your business continuity. In other words, we’re your sustainable partner of talent inflow!

Starting from the individual talent

We like to act as a salmon. Starting from individual talents, instead of vacancies. Everybody has unique talents, interests, ambitions and life goals. A job should reflect that. That's why we like to start from our "unbiased" digital matched candidates, from which we will take further actions.

Focus on cultural fit

Every individual is unique and so is every company. Therefore we spend a lot of time analyzing the organizations we work for. So we really get to know them - not just their everyday activities but also their culture and vision of today and tomorrow. This is how we work. This is how we match.

Physical + Digital = Phygital

At Crossbridge, we take the best from both the digital and the physical world. We teamed up with myCareerCompanion, a digital career orientation platform designed and scientifically validated to extensively orient talents in an objective way. Once a digital match occurs, we invite the candidate over for an in depth personal conversation. Now that's what we call 'phygital'!

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