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The rate of change is changing. A volatile world requires flexible organizations and agile, flexible employees. Attitude, emotional intelligence and learning capacity are increasingly becoming important. Moreover, four generations are working together on your work floor, each of them with different expectations and sometimes conflicts of interests. Attracting talented millennials is hard but retaining them and keeping them happy might be even harder. 


Does any of this sound familiar? Is your company struggling to attract and/or retain the right young talent? Do you feel you might need a cultural change? Have a look at how Crossbridge can help you build a future relevant organisation.     

"Crossbridge stands for authenticity and professionalism. They follow up closely, both towards candidates and customer."

Mireille Coudron - VP HR MediaGenix

Our services

Talent attraction

  • Do you believe in the added value of young talent in your company?

  • Do you want to attract young talent that identifies with your corporate culture, vision and plans for the future? 

  • Do you want them to have the exact attitude, personality and motivation needed to be successful in your company?

  • Is one of your key concerns and objectives to attract top talent that is there to stay, grow and help your company grow? 

  • Are you struggling in terms of resources, time and network to find new talent?

Through our partnership with the online orientation tool myShortlist, we have access to a high-quality talent pool with a broad range of backgrounds. We advise them independently, not for a specific job or company, thereby maximizing the chances of building a long-term successful career in the company they choose to work for.


At Crossbridge, we don’t just provide you with a selection of CVs. We are more than that: we are your trusted advisor!


Before we even start looking for any candidates, we first get to know your corporate culture through and through and have a look at your plans for the future and your mission. This information helps us in our quest for the perfect candidate: talented, young, ambitious, and with just the right attitude and personality for your company.

Crossbridge offers both procruitment and recruitment services, focusing on young top talent with 0 – 5 years of experience.



When we meet young talents who are a strong long-term match with your desired company culture, who have a strong motivation to work in your organization and the skills to make a difference, we will proactively introduce them to you. You will always stay ahead of competition in the war for talent.



If you have a job opening and want to hire a new young talent with specific skills who matches your organizational culture, Crossbridge will manage the search and selection process from A-Z. 

Management alignment

  • What is your current company culture?

  • How can your company stay future-relevant?

  • Is the management team aligned and do you all speak the same language?

  • What is the perception of the company culture on the work floor?

  • To what extent do you have a talent attraction strategy supporting the above?


During a 3-hour workshop with the senior management and selected employees of your company, we help you identify your current organizational culture and the change that is required to stay or become relevant in the future. More than anything, this is a management alignment exercise, which is crucial to build successful talent attraction and retention strategies and plans.

Talent inventory management

  • What kind of talent do you have on board in your current organization?

  • What kind of skills, interests and career drivers do they have?

  • What motivates them?

  • What could their next career move be?

  • What does your ‘talent and motivational heath map’ looks like for the company and its different departments?

  • Where is the gap? What talent should you attract?


Sometimes, the right kind of talent is just around the corner, perhaps you already have it without really knowing it.  Crossbridge can help you recognise the talent that is already present in your company and gauge the skills and ambitions of your current employees.  Why? Because sometimes, all it takes is an internal job switch or slight change in job content to make everyone happy – employer and employees alike.


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