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Career coaching

As a twentysomething, you have already acquired some valuable work and life lessons and might start evaluating your professional career:

  • Is my current role still in line with my aspirations?

  • What would the perfect next step in my career be?

  • How can I make a strong career move?


At Crossbridge, we offer coaching to help you find job satisfaction. If you are considering a career move, we can guide you towards a new professional challenge that suits you and your unique profile perfectly, in a company where you truly feel at home.

"After months of working in an industry that didn’t suit me, I went to Crossbridge. A few interviews and a screening later, they came to the conclusion that the sales sector might be my kind of thing. And they were right!"

Inge Stroobant - JR Account Manager - Input for U 

Discover myShortlist!

Are you interested in our career coaching services? Check out myShortlist!

In co-creation with the university of Leuven (KU Leuven), we developed an online orientation platform called myShortlist.

This cutting-edge career coaching tool helps young professionals identify their interests, strengths and values and suggests a specific career direction.

Using 5 specialized, interlinked tests, myShortlist takes them on a path to self-discovery and provides a personalized overview of what jobs are best for them.

myShortlist also matches their personality with company cultures and ideal working environments.

On top of that, the platform offers digital coaching, including examples and tips & tricks for building a personal brand (e.g. CV, LinkedIn, elevator pitch) and interviewing (e.g. phone interviews, assessments, face-to-face interviews, contract negotiations.