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Go-to-Market Manager



Young professional

---------  Where will you work? 

Based in Brussels, this innovative company is a global player and market leader in the transactional services industry. They provide high-tech services, consulting, system integration and managed operations to deliver business outcomes globally.


Within this multinational organization, the Marketing Department, and more specific the Go-To-Market team, is looking for a dynamic and motivated young professional with strong communicative skills and a high sense of responsibility! They’re growing quickly and have some ambitious goals; will you strengthen their team?

---------  What will you do?

The purpose of the Go-To-Market team is to analyze and identify potential of the market to sell the existing products and define which segments are most relevant. This team works closely together with Campaign Management and Sales. They develop best practice strategies and insights of channel management, prices, market survey execution, sales pitches, etc. Their goal is to assure go-to-market ready messaging to boost revenues.


The Go-To-Market team:

  • Ensures that Sales has all necessary tools to crush competition and maximize revenue by creating the right sales pitches and value propositions

  • Makes sure new products launch seamlessly into the market (and assures corresponding in-life or phase-out management when required)

  • Works with the business to fulfil the company purpose to generate sales revenue, by representing the sales team strategically in:

    • implementing best practices

    • facilitating sales optimization

    • improving sales efficiency, effectiveness and quality

    • proactively get the market evolutions and adapt the sales pitches accordingly

  • Drives the campaign strategy and monitor the balance between new business and cross-selling, to respect both targets of profitability and market share

  • Defines the needs for tools of market data monitoring

  • Gives input to the Communications department and validate their road maps in line with new product launches

  • Monitors all communications towards the clients and control the content and communication method

  • Manages the business academy content as it is the way to give input to Sales



Your responsibilities:

  • You’ll monitor, identify and recommend revenue growth opportunities

  • You will work shoulder to shoulder with:

    • Sales to develop effective selling strategies

    • Pre-Sales for product technical related subjects

    • the Pricing team for local price settings

    • Campaign Management and Corporate Communications in the continuous refinement of all sales collateral and ensure this meets the needs of the sales channels

    • Market Intelligence for a successful market analysis across all different products

    • Third parties for marketing related topics in function of sales boost

  • You develop value propositions and commercial messages for the Sales department

  • You’ll determine life cycle management strategy for strategic value propositions (e.g.: Packs)

  • You define and brief the Go-To-Market strategy with corresponding plan and value propositions, to Campaign Management, to let them organize tactical campaigns and/or initiatives to continuously drive customer satisfaction

  • You’ll provide ongoing measurement and tracking of all active initiatives and conduct relevant post-implementation reviews and corrective actions to establish effectiveness

  • You assure management reporting of all main/strategic business drivers (e.g. Steerco meetings)

  • You will drive customer retention and win-backs

  • You’ll determine and assure focused targeting of leads in function of defined revenue drivers

  • You develop new digital sales channels to support Sales

  • You are creative to invent new value propositions combining several products

---------  Who are you?

  • You obtained a degree in Economics, Marketing or Corporate Communication

  • You have an analytical mind set

  • You get energy from strategic and digital marketing

  • You are creative and come up with innovative propositions and new strategies

  • You have project management skills; structured way of working and a helicopter view

  • You have a positive attitude and are always eager to learn

  • You have troubleshooting skills: you turn problems into opportunities

  • You’re self-starting: you’re able to work on own initiative

  • You are a flawless communicator, presenter and networker

  • In team, you’re a dynamic team player

  • You are flexible: you can manage simultaneously occurring tasks and like to work proactive and hands-on

  • You are fluent in Dutch, French and English

---------  What do they offer? 

Working at this people-oriented company is above all choosing an exciting job. On top of that, they offer a large number of training hours and a career path open to changes. You’ll also find a very good work-life balance and interesting extra-legal benefits. Indeed, in addition to an attractive salary, an annual bonus, a Sodexo card (equivalent meal vouchers) and eco-cheques a large insurance package (hospitalization, pension, disability, death) will be provided. You will enjoy a flexible working hours system.

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